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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fashion Auction at St. George Lycabettus

Last evening I attended the fashion auction at St. George Lycabettus as the announcement said.
At the 6th floor at the hotel there was not only the auction but also the possiblity to buy clothes, all made in Greece.

Iphigenia Papatheodotou and Polycarpos Manousaridis coordinated this event and the participating designers are Beloved, NUDE by POLYWOOD, Dimitris Kaidatzis, Kristina P., Freedom, Beautyfool, Sotiris Georgiou, Panos Apergis, Christine & Joe, Katerina Alexandraki, Melina Pispa, N.Y , Evangelos Michelis and Apostolos Mitropoulos.

Iphigenia Papatheodotou with her line 'Beloved'

Elisabeth with her jewelry

Panos Apergis with his designs

On the left side the collection NUDE by Polywood and right the collection Beautyfool

Polycarpos Manousaridis preparing for the auction

Polycarpos informed me that this auction is the first one in its kind and more will follow. So if you missed this one, get informed when the next one will be!

The clothes were you could bid on...
And some of the articles you could buy:
by Sotiris Georgiou

by Sotiris Georgiou

by Apostolos Mitropoulos

by Kristina P

And the clothing from several designers

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