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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mary Katrantzou Spring 2015

Mary Katrantzou's imagination is priceless. Each new collection she presents her amazing creativity.
For spring 2015 she didn't focus on her prints put on textiles.
Katrantzou found inspiration in Pangaea, the supercontinent and Panthalassa, the super ocean formed hundreds of millions of years ago for the new season.
The result was a selection of wearable slip dresses and cocktail, with lace embroideries and sheer elements.

Here my favorites she showed during London Fashion Week.

Photos: style.com

Monday, September 8, 2014

Spotted in New York: Rihanna in Alexander Wang x H&M

Rihanna was spotted wearing Alexander Wang x H&M in New York.

Photo courtesy of H&M

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The colourful textiles of Mykonos

The Cultural Folklore Association of Women of Mykonos organised the exhibition: Textiles of Mykonos at the traditional house of Dede family, from 25/08 to 15/09/2014 in the Mykonos capital town.
It presents a retrospective-tribute to the women who tirelessly wove the colorful wefts which is an important part of the history and economy of the island.

The reputation of handmade textile of Mykonos once took a global dimension, now it is endangered. In textiles and clothing, weaving tools, photo galleries and publications in the press in that period, the exhibition attempts to present the evolution of the textile of Mykonos and sets its main objective to bring us back in touch with the art of the loom.
With the same intention Annezo Kousathana Micheli (Bebi) sets up her mother's loom Vjenoulas, with the help of Katina Kousathana Kouka (Wolf) weaver until today.

The exhibition is developed in two areas.
Starting from the workplace KDEPPAM, with the "delaro", the local name of the loom, presenting household textiles, weaving tools, and portraits of dozens of weavers of Mykonos.
The only Neoclassic building of the Dede - Venier - Fountoulaki family hosts mainly clothes and presents emblematic figures in the development of the textile of Mykonos. Among others, there will be the first commercially woven piece by Th. Charakopoulos with the "Mykonos border" and a woven skirt.

The exhibition could take place thanks to the support of the Department of Tourism of the South Aegean Region. The Cultural Women's Heritage Club of Mykonos and the Folklore Museum contributed substantially to the historical exhibits and more than 50 women of Mykonos offered pieces of personal and family collections. But mainly thanks to the hundreds of weaver cultural legacies, which the organisation hopes to preserve.

The exhibition could not be accomplished without the historical evidence offered by the forthcoming study by Demeter Nazou and Panagiotis Hatzidakis "The textile of Mykonos in the 20th century."

So don't miss it, it is only until the 15th of September!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

H&M opens in Glyfada

On the 4th of September at 6 p.m. H&M opens its new shop in Glyfada, at A. Metaxa street 41.
With cocktails by Momix and DJ Angel Stoxx, a fashion shoot by Ioanna Chatziandreou and the Studio fall-winter 2014 collection, see here.

H&M Studio fall/winter 2014 - women

H&M presents its Studio fall/winter 2014 collection.

The playful, sophisticated bohemian spirit of a woman of the 21st century is the look that prevails in the H&M Studio collection for this fall: unpretentious, charming, always ready for the evening.

Throughout the collection, the female element meets the male, with men's jackets, aviator and biker jackets worn over draped tops and dresses.
The collection will be sold in around 260 stores worldwide and online from September 4.

"I love the freedom of choice and the bohemian spirit of H & M Studio for autumn / winter 2014 Everything to do with feminine pieces, full of elegance and fun, worn with attitude," says Ann-Sofie Johansson, Head of Design, New Development.


  • The return of the slip dress as a key piece of a wardrobe, which based on thin straps and worn alone or layered with multiple outfits. Sometimes it is ribbed or with lace edgings.
  • The pieces that have been adopted by the hosiery, they add elegance of well-cut jacket or leather jacket in terms of biker.
  • A draped top with matching pants is the new suit. Meanwhile, the open shoulder is a point of emphasis in look with exposed or both shoulders or only one.
  • New wide trousers, often finishes with tuxedo details for permanent evening elegance.


  • Silk crepe and chiffon, for the most elegant slip dresses.
  • Leather or shiny and worn style or metallic.
  • Imitation fur style patchwork.
  • Velvet on top, dresses and a night version of the tracksuit.
  • The fine cashmere adds softness and transparency top with suspenders, sweaters and dresses.


  • Embroidery with sequins and stones, lacy knits, details of corduroy and taffeta, asymmetrical rails, intricate patchworks.


  • Black, dark blue, khaki, ivory, beige and gray with touches of pink bubble gum and bold zebra patterns.


  • Slip dresses, jacket biker, draped tops and trousers, aviator jackets, imitation fur coat style patchwork, baggy pants, cashmere knits.


  • Pointed boots with low or high heels placed in metal or leather patchwork, exofternes shoes, bonnets finish with imitation fur.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Save the date for 16th Athens Xclusive Designers Week

Athens Xclusive Designers Week announced its dates for the 16th fashion week in Athens, presenting spring-summer 2015 collection. More information will follow.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam 21st edition closes

The closing catwalk show by designer Paul Schulten last night brought an end to the 21st edition of the Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam.
The festival of Dutch fashion was ten days of exuberant celebrations, many new connections both within and beyond the fashion world were made, and the participating designers and the event itself has undergone tremendous growth.

For five days, established designers such as Spijkers en Spijkers and Tony Cohen showed their latest collections in the splendid setting of the Gashouder.
But also the talents of 'Lichting 2014 supported by V&D' took to the 37 meter long catwalk last week. The elected winner Bastian Visch benefits not only from all the media attention but his collection will also be produced and put on sale. A great start to a promising fashion career.

The catwalk schedule also clearly showed that the designers don’t just accept things as they are. Claes Iversen transformed the catwalk into a long stairway, on which his first pret-a-porter collection literally stood on a pedestal. The performance 'ZERO by Nanine Linning with costumes by Iris van Herpen' combined the worlds of fashion, music and dance in a theatre-worthy performance, which included exposing the visitors to the world’s only 4D sound system.
This edition also saw the first photography made with a drone, gliding above the catwalk.

For five days long, Transformatorhuis was the home of special collections, bold materials and convention-breaking presentations. Here designers such as Olaf Hussein and Mirte van Wijngaarden proved themselves to be worthy debutants in the 'Vodafone First Fashion LAB’. Visitors not only witnessed sustainable innovation on but also above the catwalk: for the first time LED catwalk-lighting was used, a world première!

This summer, as in the previous edition, a limited number of tickets was available for the public to attend the catwalk shows in the Gashouder and the Transformatorhuis.
Additionally, fashion lovers were treated by ‘Zalando presents 10 Days Downtown’ for ten days, to ten fashion events at ten high-profile locations throughout the city. Each time the focus was on fashion in relation to a creative discipline such as photography, dance or art.
In doing so the Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam platform was not only accessible to a wide audience, but fashion designers also had the opportunity to work on their reputation and increase their market. The Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Roadshow in Amersfoort, Apeldoorn, Arnhem and Nijmegen made an important contribution to this too.

That fashion, in addition to a creative side, also has a business side was clearly visible during Keys to Success, ‘Business Monday’ at the Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam. Together with members of the Fashion in Business Network several guest speakers led by Sanne Groot Koerkamp (Textilia) talked about developments and opportunities in fashion logistics. Together they outlined a vision in which fashion logistics bring the on- and offline retail together, with reduced costs and increasing revenues as a result.

The 22nd edition of the Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam will take place from 16-26 January 2015. Additionally in the coming months FashionWeek Nederland will also organise various activities for fashion professionals and enthusiasts.

Photos courtesy of FWA