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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Save the date for Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam

Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam (MBFWA) announced the programme for its coming winter edition.

The 22nd edition takes place from Friday 16 to Monday 26 January 2015. During this national fashion week, Amsterdam will fizz with fashion for ten days.
A global fashion platform, at which established names and young fashion designers steal the show with their Autumn/Winter 2016 collections.

Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam Catwalk Programme

The 22nd edition of Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam catwalk programme will start with Avelon, a well-known label in the Parisian fashion scene, followed by a very special show by Edwin Oudshoorn.
Both shows are presented by title sponsor Mercedes-Benz.
Claes Iversen, Aziz Bekkaoui, DORHOUT MEES and MaryMe-JimmyPaul will also present their newest collections, as well Tony Cohen, whose last show inspired Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam to select one of his images as the campaign image of this edition.
The Scandinavian brand ARMY OF ME will also feature in the catwalk programme of Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam.
In addition, some wonderful shoes will be strutting along the catwalk, for instance in the ten-year anniversary show given by Shabbies Amsterdam, one of the brands of designer Fred de la Bretonière.

Vodafone Firsts Fashion LAB

The Vodafone Firsts Fashion LAB programme of last summer was a great success. As part of Vodafone's worldwide Firsts programme, this edition will once again offer a platform to young fashion designers.
The Dutch pearl Liselore Frowijn will open the Vodafone Firsts Fashion LAB programme on Thursday 22 January. The impressive Vodafone Firsts Fashion LAB programme ensured plenty of requests from fashion designers to have the chance to show their work during this edition.
The Advisory Board, which advises the organisation in order to guarantee the quality of the programming, had a tough job in making a selection from the whole spectrum of talented designers. The Vodafone Firsts Fashion LAB PRO’s are MAISON the FAUX, EVAN Menswear, and Schueller de Waal.
The programme also comprises international pearls: Claudia Susini (Italy), Jinhee Moon (Korea), and Zhengzheng Li (China).

Zalando presents 10 Days Downtown

Zalando proudly presents ‘10 Days Downtown,’ as it did during the previous summer edition.
A creative and artistic programme will be presented over a period of ten (10!) whole days, showing cross-overs between fashion and other disciplines.
The programme elements will take place every day at a variety of impressive, appealing, and cultural locations in Amsterdam, including film, dance, and music. The fashion week starts with a large-scale opening event at the Melkweg Club & Gallery. The weekend will be 'extended' at the creative breeding ground of the ‘Volkshotel’ and at the Dutch National Opera & Ballet.
The popular ‘Fashion & Van Gogh’ event will be held at the Van Gogh Museum on Friday 23 January.

Fashion will be brought from the Far East to be shown in Amsterdam. Some of the names of the young fashion designers that will bring fashion from the catwalk to the sidewalk: David Laport, Zyanya Keizer, Elke van Zuylen & Mirte van de Wijngaarden.

The programme of Zalando presents 10 Days Downtown will conclude on Sunday 25 January at ‘De Hallen,’ Amsterdam's newest hotspot. During the local goods market, fashion will naturally take centre stage.

For more information visit Fashion Week Amsterdam

AXDW Fashion Design Project - We want your vote

During the 16th Athens Xclusive Designers Week aspirant designers joined the Fashion Design Project and now you can see the result and vote for your favourite designer.

37 designers are waiting for your own opinion about their fashion sketch designed during the fashion week from 24 to 27 October.
The participants, regardless of study and profession, created their own sketch in a specially reserved for them space.

By visiting AXDW on Facebook, you can vote through a special application for your favorite fashion sketch, giving the opportunity to the upcoming designer to participate at the New Designers Awards during the next event. You can vote until January 20th, 2015.
So vote for your favourite participant here!

See here last season's winner.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Introducing TRASH4FLASH

TRASH4FLASH is a Athens based jewellery brand, designed by Katerina Stamatopoulou.

Katerina vision behind TRASH4FLASH is to highlight the power and beauty of upcycled jewellery and promote a more ethical approach towards fashion. T4F is introduced in the jewellery market as a fashion brand, based on the originality of forward concept designs.
Strongly supporting the benefit of uniqueness, all products are one-off offering the fans the advantage to stand out. 

"Modern art constantly changes faces according to the socio-political conditions which bring forward new artistic movements. Over-consumption has led to the over-possession of products which tend to become useless; just plain objects at the end of their life cycle. One of today’s movements is trash art; the creation of artifacts using discarded material, which they now come into play in order to redefine art, in this case, the art of making jewellery."

Here a glimpse of the Elite collection for this winter.

Photos by Nikolas Tsakris, model Daphne Kalyva, Make up Zoe Tzirtzilaki and Hair Styling Eleni Karipidi.

For more visit T4F

Introducing Bambie & Butler Handbags Collection

Bambie & Butler is proud to present their luxurious debut collection. The British brand is responsible for designing a unique and stylish women’s wear and accessories line.

Bambie & Butler’s debut collection includes women’s daily wear, handbags, and accessories.

The woman sporting a Bambie & Butler design is bon vivant, sassy, and lives and breathes the luxury lifestyle. Born out of a dusty, vintage clothing chest, the Bambie & Butler designs evoke dreamy childhood memories of dressing up in Victorian Atelier whilst twirling in front of the vanity mirror of grandmother’s Rosewood cottage.

Madame Dauphine

Time practically stands still with Bambie & Butler in such a classic style, which forms the DNA of the brand. According to Bambie & Butler, “We at Bambie & Butler are a UK based luxury brand. We are eccentrically British, and at the heart of everything we create there is time-honored craftsmanship.” From the quality of fabric in their clothing designs to the fine details of the accessories line, Bambie & Butler only uses the finest techniques.
The pieces are crafted using only hand-embellishment techniques, which have been honed by Embroiders “Hand & Lock,” London. Est. 1767.
They also entrust their luxury leather needs with specialist, Pittards Plc, Est. 1826.

On top of their attention to fine craftsmanship, Bambie & Butler stresses the importance of shape and fit. To ensure the best fit, the brand ensures each step of the design process only selects from the best, starting with material. The Ethos of the brand is the base of the fabric, from which all design aesthetics are created. According to the brand, “A million people can design a tea dress, but very few can design a tea dress created from tea!”

To create a unique and signature look, Bambie & Butler focus on using a rich and opulent colour pallet in order to compliment the wearers’ surroundings. Available in various colours, from warm neutrals to rich jewel tones, customers will feel confident carrying any one of Bambie & Butler’s A/W 2014 handbags. Customers can choose from the Madame Pompadour, Mademoiselle Lisette, Madame Dauphine, and Mademoiselle De Clermont. Made with fine leathers, classic hardware, and luxurious sheepskin, the Bambie & Butler woman will be the envy of every British fashion mogul.

For more information visit Bambie & Butter

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Marlon Teixeira & Caroline Trentini for Agua de Coco for C&A

Eduardo Rezende captured Marlon Teixeira and Caroline Trentini for the summer 2015 ad campaign of Agua de Coco for C&A.

About Agua de Coco

In 1985 stylist Liana Thomaz creates Água de Coco with only a sewing machine, a seamstress, a lot of determination and a well defined objective: launching a beachwear brand of unquestionable quality. Dream achieved.

Today, the respected swimwear label´s place on the worldwide fashion scene is ensured. The label, which parades at the São Paulo Fashion Week, Latin America’s largest fashion event is always showing remarkable novelties to a public which is eager for authentic fashion and enjoys resting or having fun at the most beautiful coastal landscapes.

Liana Thomaz, Água de Coco’s director, declares: “Our work was always based on the satisfaction of our target public: demanding women whose priorities are quality and comfort. And the result of all this effort shows in the success and acknowledgement conquered inside the national and international markets.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Julia Roberts for Calzedonia

Julia Roberts has been captured for the Italian brand Calzedonia the way we like her with a charming smile. In the commercial she is a real woman during a journey, discovering herself through places and meetings.

She is, in other words, the main character of the new promotional video called “Life is a journey”, which has been shot last summer in Scotland, Italy and France.

Starting from Scotland, where a pristine landscape requires silence and listen. Then there is Paris, where Julia is immersed, following the Seine as it was the flow of her existence, through bookstores, romantic encounters and dreaming atmospheres up to the sunset. But in a strong desire of authenticity, Julia’s awakening happens in the warm atmosphere of a farmhouse in the hills near Florence. A land of history, tradition and beauty, which will make her understand one important thing: Life is a journey, to enjoy at every step.

An emotional commercial, with an authentic and cinematographic taste, desired by Calzedonia to speak once again from women to women, through the most charming smile of contemporary cinema.

Source: Calzedonia

Stelios Koudounaris Fall-Winter 2015

Here my favorites pieces of Stelios Koudounaris Fall-Winter 2015 collection  feat. Jessica of D-Models.

The photos are by Charalambos Giannakopoulos, styling by Haris Gotzamanidis and Ilias Mihalolias, make up by Marita Thoma Politou, fashion assistent Platon Papagiannopoulos.

For more visit stelioskoudounaris.com